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Monday, January 23, 2012

Penn State

   Warning: This post may not induce the giggles as much as the desire to either strangle the guilty parties of which I speak, or me if you disagree with my sentiments. 
This one is rated R. 

   I haven't actually read many articles about the whole Penn State sex abuse scandal because quite frankly, I can't emotionally handle it. As a mother, I seriously can't stomach or control the excruciating visuals that appear in my head over and over again when I think about all that pain. One could argue that I am blissfully ignorant with most things, and he or she would be right. I can't watch the news or read the paper. I just can't. But I recently let myself read an article about Joe Paterno and I only did it because I loved the title: Joe Paterno Wasn’t a Hero: So why are we flying our flags at half-staff? Clickety-click to read it if you want. Go ahead. I'll wait. 

   Done? So, what did you think? Well, I agree with 100% of what he wrote. Now, I don't pretend to know all the facts surrounding the Penn State atrocity, but there are three facts of which I am well aware. And by "fact" I mean "my opinion." (Because there really is no difference.) 

1.) Jerry Sandusky is an evil son of a bitch who should be castrated slowly and painfully by the mother of each victim. There is a special place in hell for his kind of demon. I could go on and on about this disgusting monster, but it would take days. Because of filth like him, I actually have to tell my children that it's NEVER OK to let anyone touch their pee-pees or tushies. Parents should never have to have such conversations with their children. But we live in a fucked up world where scum like Sandusky manages to create an entire organization full of victims under false pretenses, while everyone oohs and aahs at him for all of his do-gooding. He is the epitome of evil. If you disagree, I'd REALLY love to hear it. But if you use the word "alleged", I will fucking castrate you too.   

2.) Mike McQueary is a gutless piece of shit who could have taken action and chose not to for fear of losing his job or whatever the hell he thought was more important than the physical and emotional well-being of an innocent child. How, as a GROWN MAN, do you not run to the aid of a little boy who is being RAPED right in front of you? Oh, wait, he did go home and call his daddy, right? Oh, OK, so there's that. I guess he did his part. Fuck that. When all of this business came to light, I was in my parents' family room with my father, 2 brothers, and husband (FOUR MEN) who were all speechless and shaking their heads in disbelief, wondering how he could have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in that instant. I guess he figures he said something because he saw something and that was enough. All I know is that if Mike McQueary were MY kid, I would wonder when and how things went so terribly wrong in his head and his heart. I also can't stop thinking about how that poor little boy may have heard that door open when Mike McCowardly walked in, thinking he was about to be saved from that unspeakable torture and then wasn't. I cry just thinking about it. It's like one of those horror movies that leaves you nauseated. Except that this one was real. And that little boy will never, EVER be the same. 

3.) Joe Paterno was no fucking hero. Yes, he helped a lot of people. Yes, he was responsible for an incredible football program. Yes, he donated millions of dollars to Penn State. You know what else he did? The bare minimum when it REALLY mattered. He "fulfilled his legal obligation?" Really?! What about his HUMAN obligation? You're telling me that he didn't pursue this any further because he thought telling his superior was enough? That maybe it wasn't true so he shouldn't take it to the authorities? BULLSHIT. He didn't want to lose everything he had worked so hard to build. He didn't want to lose his reputation, his organization, his friends. Well, guess what you did lose, pal? Your sense of human fucking decency. He had the power and influence that would have made people stop and listen. How many children and parents stay quiet with a secret like this for fear that no one will believe them? Paterno could have done a lot more than he did, and you know it. I'm guessing if HIS kid were one of Sandusky's victims, the investigation would have been a tad more aggressive. And he's never heard of a man raping a man (or in this case innocent boy)? Again, I call BULLSHIT. Yes, I feel for his family who is grieving. But I also have no problem speaking ill of the dead when I had no problem speaking ill of them when they were alive. I am no hypocrite. Maybe he was considered a "hero" to a lot of folks because of all of the wonderful things that he did, and that's fine. But the SECOND that he chose to wash his hands of this after "fulfilling his legal obligation" he lost the right to be called a hero anymore, at least in my world. 
    I'm not sure where some of you are living. Maybe you live in the world where money, sports, and celebrity are all that matter. Join me in the world of human decency, common sense, and moral value, would you? There's plenty of room here now, what with Michael Vick and the Kardashians gone. 


phoenix said...

This. A thousand times this....I agree with you 100%.....

Anonymous said...

I too agree w/ you 100%! Between the flag being lowered to half mast for him, the press w/over-zealous coverage of his decline and subsequent death, and PSU fans all but elevating him to Sainthood, I think it's a joke! Such tributes should be preserved for men (and women) of Honor. And Paterno parted with his, when he put more sanctity into his career, than into the health, welfare, and safety of children who suffered as a result of his inaction, along w/ McQueary. I resent his death being glorified as though he was a Hero. IMO, he died a broken, shamed, and dishonorable man, unworthy of the accolades he's receiving.

A Little Lucidity said...

Thank you both for reading (and agreeing.)

Anonymous said...

What a DUMB CUNT you are.

thumbringmagnet said...

You are not so dumb. Actually I find you to be right on the money. Sandusky is a monster. That's a given. As a PA sports fan, I believe Paterno was a great man, who fell short of true greatness the minute he swept the whole thing under the rug. And McQueary... well, he might just be my least favorite piece of this puzzle.

I have a very difficult time with anyone, man or woman, who is not willing to step up in the moment of crisis, especially when a child is involved. Although 80% of people freeze in crisis, I can not handle the fact that this guy walked in on something so heinous and then walked out - too traumatized to act, so cowardly to leave the kid to be further traumatized. Unreal. I have no words for it. No words. No words for the monster, nor for the coward.

As for Joe Pa, he could've completely changed the world for a handful of kids in ways he couldn't imagine if he had the courage to put just a few truly vulnerable children in front of his own career, and even the reputation of a football team. Imagine the shattered lives he could've prevented. Imagine what he could have taught his team of young men if he had the strength to put a stop to Sandusky years ago. He used to pride himself on his football program and his ability to touch young men's lives and help them grow into great men. Imagine the message he would have sent to those young men, to all people, if he used his power to bring these horrible things to an end, while showing the world how to handle the most difficult of situations with dignity. Instead, he opted to do what he had to, which was almost nothing, and go about his day watching film, preparing for the next game. Really, Joe? What is the lesson in that for your men that were playing for you that season? Football is more important than anything? Follow the rules on paper, even when they aren't thorough or enough? Put responsibility in someone else's hands? Policy is more important than logic? Turn and look the other way when people more vulnerable than you are in trouble and need your help?

Like I said, I'm a huge sports fan from PA. I recognize that Joe Pa was an excellent coach, who built an outstanding football program and contributed more to college football than most coaches will have an opportunity to. He absolutely was a great man, with a huge influence on a cult-like Penn State following. He has left behind a great football legacy. And he indeed touched the lives of thousands and thousands of people.

But 8 of those thousands lives touched by Joe Pa may not remember him as a strong and powerful man. They will only see him as a man in a position of great influence too overwhelmed, too scared to do something more to save them, to help them become men. And so their lives were shattered. And I bet their flags flew high in the sky as Joe Paterno, just another ordinary man - one of the 80% who freeze in the moment of crisis, was buried on that gray January afternoon.

And so I feel that while you may be a cunt, you are not so dumb after all. You are quite right. In "fulfilling his legal duty" and doing nothing else, Joe Paterno lost his right to be called or treated as a hero, in your world, and in the world of 8 kids who may call him many things. But I am sure they are not calling him a hero.

A Little Lucidity said...

Dear thumbringmagnet,

Thanks for the support. I'm pretty sure my post is the Jersey Shore version of your much more profound take on this. And you know I love a good use of the word "cunt." ;)