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Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear 2013

Well, this is my last post for 2012 and possibly forever. It's been a pretty intense year. I thought 2011 was horrible, but I guess 2012 was like, "Screw that, I can be SO much worse."

Well played, 2012. Well played. Also, fuck you.

So, now I speak directly to 2013...

Dear 2013,

    While I look forward to meeting you with cautious optimism, there are some things I need to say before I toast your arrival. We're tired of it. All of it. We can't handle the drama, the senseless deaths, the ignorance, the storms, the violence, the hatred. We are SO done. I know I'll do my part and try my best not to screw it up in my little world, but I'll be watching you and the bigger picture. You and your promises of new beginnings and hope. Pfft. We've heard it all before and we've been let down. Hard. But, I'm willing to give you a chance. Be the year that turns it all around. For everyone. We sure could use a change around here.

    So, I'll be waiting for you on my couch, with my husband by my side and my children safely tucked into bed. I'll be thinking of all those people in the world who would do anything to have just that; a simple night at home with the people they love the most. And I'll be thinking of how I can make the next twelve months even just the tiniest bit better for as many people as I can. Help me out, would ya'? I'd sure appreciate it. See you soon.

Cheers to you,



Classic NYer said...

I second that emotion. 2012 was a little bit... like an unruly spoiled child, wasn't it? Here's to a better 2013. ::raises glass::

Eva Gallant said...

Yes, let's hope that 2013 is the year things turn around for the better!

Marianne Sandling said...

Awesome post!!! I TOTALLY hear you... 2012 screwed me over completely... matter of fact, JUST to get the last word, on NEW YEARS EVE, no less, our van stopped, ON THE FREEWAY (I=5!!) on the way home...died...yes, transmission died, no movement, stuck, husband self and 7yr old on the side of the freeway, in the dark, at night. So I understand how miserable 2012 has been, and have some choice words for it myself!! Thank you for sharing your post!!!

Sandling All Day

Chatón said...

I feel your sentiment. My 2012 went well, but my heart goes out to those who can't enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing simple moments with those they love. Those of us who can do that should rejoice. We can still use profanity occasionally though! :-) Visiting from Bloggy Moms.

Mandi Roach said...

Hi there! I have ventured over from the Bloggy Moms hop. I'm enjoying this little peak into your world! Just lovely! XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings