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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

People Really Piss Me Off

So, the baby and I were in Shoprite the other day. (I call her "the baby," but she's almost 3.) Anyway, we were in the checkout line, and she started to get antsy. I shopped as fast as I could, distracted her with toys, and, yes, bribed her with promises of M & M's, but she was still about to lose it by the time we were ready to pay. She really just wanted to get out and walk, but it's a pain in my ass to bag groceries while trying to corral her. So, she started trying to stand up in the cart. We had one of those little race car carts. It's really just a regular cart, and the kid still sits in the seat by the handle, but they added some plastic, a design, and a couple steering wheels...

VoilĂ . Race car. Anyway, so she tried to stand up and I sternly told her to, "Sit." She slowly started to sit, but apparently it wasn't fast enough because not a second later, the cashier looked at her and yelled, "Sit!" 

Wait. What? 

Did that just happen? Did she really just yell at my daughter? 

I'm not even sure where to begin on this one. 

Now, I've seen this cashier before, and she is usually pretty nice, but there is something socially off about her, so I sort of let it go. I gave her one hell of a stink eye, though. I'm not gonna lie; I was hoping she would say something again so that I could rip her a new one. But I guess she decided my daughter was now behaving well enough that she didn't need to intervene. Whatever. 

Of course, the more I thought about it and replayed it in my head, the more pissed I got about the whole thing. How dare she? Not only did I have everything completely under control, but even if my daughter had been flailing her arms and legs around, throwing a total tantrum on the floor, when the hell is it ever someone else's right or responsibility to scold my child? Uh, that would be NEVER. Unless my kid is hurting you or your kid in some way, shut the hell up and move on. I'm guessing this woman doesn't even have any children. People without kids are almost always the first ones to point out what you're doing wrong. Well, guess what? I wasn't doing anything wrong. My 3-year was acting like a 3-year old. And I handled it. She wasn't knocking over shelves, cursing at strangers, screaming for candy, or trying to bite you. No need to call Super Nanny. She tested my limits by trying to stand up in the cart. I got this. So shut. the fuck. up.  

End rant. 

Phew. Glad I got that out. 


Eva Gallant said...

Whoa! I might have lost it in that situation as well. You showed remarkable control just giving her the stink eye!

Classic NYer said...

As I have no children myself, I feel like I have to advocate for the cashier:

We have to yell at other people's children because we have none of our own and our husbands aren't always around for us to yell at.

Also, everything about how you raise your child is wrong. If your three year old is acting like a three year old, it's because you're a terrible parent. Other people with kids won't tell you this because they're also terrible parents. Only we know best, because we're unbiased by the experience of our own kids.

Plus, we read it in a book. Written by some doctor with no kids. So it must be true.

::serious face::

Carrie's Just Mildly Medicated said...

"I got this" love it!
Carrie from Just Mildly Medicated

Danie' russell said...

Wow, people are so crazy. Loving your blog, it's had me laughing since I found it.

nicholenikoliovich said...

People are like this not only about children.
Everyone just assumes the role of Dr. Phil or fucking Oprah unless you've pressed a blade against their throat. Some might even be like "No dear, you have to invert that lethal weapon against my throat in a different angle."

Who ever would have thought that the freedom of speech could be such a pain in the ass?
Morons, they discover a way to ruin everything.

End rant.